Pampered Chef - Scam Or Real Company Opportunity?

Pampered Chef , Ltd. offers a line of cookbooks, food products and kitchen tools, targeted at preparing food at home.

This business is direct seller of kitchenware and kitchen gadgets. They're a part of Berkshire Hathaway family business. The prime feature of Pampered Chef is their multipurpose kitchen tools, mealtime techniques and simple recipes.

Pampered Chef was built by Doris Christopher in 1980 and the company began selling its what to homemakers in party plans similar to Tupperware parties. The idea is that home maker invites friends to her home and the merchandise could be demonstrated and sold. Generally the Pampered Chef distributor would prepare food during the demonstration that would later be shared at the party. Over time these items have began to get popularity. Today the company operates in Canada, Germany, USA and the UK is gaining much popularity.

Pampered Chef was recently listed as among the fastest growing companies in the USA by Fortune magazine. Pampered Chef also has many unique items which are not normally obtainable in the stores.

Pampered Chef - Products and Features:

The Pampered Chef website offers visitors many useful ideas as well as products. Pampered Chef's most famous product is the foodstuff chopper which chops herbs, veggies and onions. The micro plane adjustable grate is another quite popular product offered. This tool will grate citrus rinds, garlic and ginger and carries a slider attachment that prevents bodily injury. A handy bonus is that these two items are dishwasher safe.

Additionally, Pampered Chef has a set of slicers, graters, choppers and other necessary kitchen tools. Self sharpening knives are available and make dull blades obsolete. You will get restaurant quality cutting boards to assist you create a masterpiece veggie tray.

Besides this, Pampered Chef also has great stoneware. It distributes heat uniformly for baking. This makes the roasts more succulent and pizzas crispier. Pampered chef has different sizes and shapes to select. It's so confident having its products that all of them, come with 1-year guarantee. In fact, some products come with a lifetime guarantee.

It that wasn't enough, aside from the kitchenware treasures the Papered Chef Company is involved in social services. Every May is dedicated to breast cancer awareness. To help this cause a portion of the proceeds in certain parties during the month of May should go to the cause. Pampered Chef has combined with other groups in raising over a million dollars towards breast cancer awareness.